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by the Mayor of Tábor

Jiří Fišer (starosta)

The beauty of cyclo-cross is hidden in its diversity. Sunny autumn days and severe winter frosts, mud and ice, dramatic and rapid changes, sudden ups and downs, the combination of cycling and athletic skills, brisk pace changes and technical excellence – all these features are characteristic of cyclo-cross.

This unique discipline is exciting to watch and thus, it attracts many spectators. Do not hesitate and come to the World Championships that will be held between the 31st of January and 1st of February 2015 in Tábor, Czech Republic. The Championship is returning to our town after five years and I remember that at that time, it was our phenomenal Zdeněk Štybar who dominated the meńs elite race. The Táboŕs sports complex is perfectly suited for cyclo-cross and for this reason, every year a World Cup race takes place on the same track that gives the spectators an uninterrupted view and provides a comfortable environment for the organizers, racing teams and journalists.

The historical town of Tábor will not disappoint you either. Its birth in 1420 is closely connected with the name of Jan Hus, the reformer of the Catholic Church. The idea of an independent Republic of Tábor caused a whole range of tumultuous events and the people who participated left their mark on the European history. Modern day Tábor is a lively town and both the townspeople and newcomers find it very attractive. It is popular with the creative personalities for the inspirational backdrop. Many foreign artists have been drawn to Tábor and have helped to create a very open and cosmopolitan community. Rich history and lively present, nature and monuments, laid-back and active life styles, culture and sports - this all characterizes Tábor, with its unique symbiotic flavour. Come to taste everything.

The Cyclo-cross World Championship is a unique and an unusual sporting event and we are confident that we will cope well with this honourable challenge. I am sure that having gathered extensive organizing experience along with our high level of responsibility and enthusiasm, we can guarantee a smooth course of the event.

I wish all the spectators an enjoyable experience at the Cyclo-cross World Championships in Tábor and good luck to all the competitors. I would also like to recognise and express my respect for the UCI and to all the organizers and countless supporters. We are all looking forward to seeing you at such a prestigious event.

Jiří Fišer ( major )



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