Town Tábor

Město TáborA maze of winding streets surrounded by massive fortifications, beautifully decorated Renaissance houses, a majestic Town hall, the remains of a castle and the oldest reservoir in Central Europe. Great sports facilities, relaxation and wellness centres,modern accomodation with conference facilities, a renowned cuisine,concerts, exhibitions and theatre performances - it's Tabor - the town with a hussite past, the pulsating heart of the region.

The founding of the town of Tabor, in the spring of 1420, took place under exceptional circumstances. It is not only associated with hussite leader, Jan Zizka, but also with the name Jan Hus, the great reformer of the catholic church. The name chosen for the new settlement is a biblical reference to Mt. Tabor in Palestine, and reflects the beliefs and values of the founders of the town.

More information about this period of Tabor's past can be found in the Hussite Museum at Bechynska Gate, adjacent to the last remaining tower of the original Kotnov castle, and also in the historic Town Hall, where the entrance to the vast labyrinth of underground tunnels can also be found. There is also an impressive Gothic Hall situated on the first floor of the Town Hall, the second largest non-denominational interior in Czech Republic.
The preserved remains of the original Hussite fortifications compliment the medieval atmosphere of the historic town centre. The beautiful facades of the townhouses, the Augustinian monastery, the baroque church in Klokoty and the Tabor treasure exhibition all remind us of tabor's heyday. New attractions which have opened in recent years include the Lego museum with its unique models and the museum of chocolate and marzipan, which includes a chocolate fountain and a marzipan model of Zizka square.

Throughout the year the town of Tabor comes alive with a range of cultural and sporting events. Probably the most popular and attractive event is the international festival, The Tabor meetings, which is held in mid September. For a few days each year Tabor town center is transformed into a medieval town, complete with merchants, craftsmen and jousting knights, creating a unique and special atmosphere. The highlite of the festival is a spectacular medieval parade through the town square led by the Hussite commander Jan Zizka.